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Collecting TF art/stories.
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Forced pet TF RP
I felt like creating a TF RP where you choose what I TF into and I'm forced to become your pet. You can choose what effects you want (i.e. TG, MC, AP, MG, etc.)
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 5 2,352
Becoming a mechanical bull (Lamborghini TF)
Author's note: If you have not heard of, or at least played Forza Horizon 3, then this may not make much sense to you, I would recommend watching maybe the first 10-20 minutes of the game, and learn what the series is about to understand this tory fully.
Have you ever wondered how the Horizon festival team get their cars, yes they can buy them, but wouldn't it be easier to make someone a car?
William, a roughly 15 ear old boy was a major car fanatic, he owns many car games from current to old. He mainly loves modern super cars. He especially loved how they looked, and how fast they went. Fast was his middle name, not literally of course, but it fitted him. Whenever he jumped onto a games console and plugged in a video game, he would always choose the fastest car he could get his controller on, no matter what. Some of his personal favourites we Lamborghini and Ferrari,two major ITalian car companies that specialise in only the best supercars.
So when he heard of
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 7 6
Pool TF fun (various TFs)
It was a hot day in July, one of the hottest days of the year in fact, for Adrian and Derek. Needing a cool down, Adrian thought it would be a good idea to invite one of his friends, Derek, over for a mini 'pool party', sort of. Luckily, there was no school due to it being the weekend, so they could do practically whatever they wanted. So, Adrian asked Derek over the phone through text about whether or not he wanted to have a small swim in his pool for a while, at least until they cooled off.
While getting the pool ready, along with his swimming trunks, he get a reply back, asking if he had any pool toys with him, to which Adrian replied back saying no, but he could get one. Derek replied back saying that it was OK  and he'll be round soon. Adrian went to get some drinks and food ready as well, in case he wanted any. Around 10-20 minutes later, Derek arrived at the door and knocked on it. Adrian answered the door and let him in. Derek was a little taller than him, and also had sli
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 11 2
Trust TF RP
You and a stranger wake up in two unknown rooms. Bith rooms are joined by a piece of sound proof glass. In front if you are a set of different cokoured buttons, dials and switches. Bith of you are given no instructions on what ti di, or what they do. You will have to learn that yourself  Do you trust them, and more importantly, do they trust you?
Please write in as much detail as possible, and mature in notes.
BTW, for this, I will play the stranger.
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 1 967
Dice TF RP (Updated)
First off, not my idea.
OK, so, with this TF RP scenario I have a set of dice, and that's it. But I decide to tp play thr dice with you for whatever reason. These dice are special though, upon landing, what appears on the dice MAY happen to the person eho threw them.
The first dice has the following options:
Whole body
When the '?' option is rolled I will choose a random option, it may not even be on the list, i.e. a form which has wings. Also, a special 'mystery dice' is rolled with the numbers 1-6. The number will determine how many parts, where applicable, change.
This second dice will combine with the first dice, where applicable:
Choose 1
Choose 2
The final die, a 4 sided, has the words-
You choose
Opponent choose
RULES (altred from werewolfwill:
Each turn, every die is rolled and the results happen accordingly.
No cheating, if it does happen then ?, and extreme
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 6 2,312
Transformation spa (TF/TG/AP/AR/etc. RP)
(Me/you/us) decide to go to a spa which slowly, and comfortably transforms us into whatever (we/you) want. It has a range of facilities each designed to transform the person I. Their own way. There are also facilities for the animal/pokemon/creature/etc. we become.
Mature in notes.
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 7 5,380
Paint TF RP
Thought of doing a specific TF RP this time, being themed around paint. What happens is, is that me, you or both of us get changed into something by paint, that could be anything, paintbrush dipped in paint, pouring it on me/you/us, spray paint, etc. If you want, you/me/both of us, can become paint.
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 1 4,078
You are what you play (Midnight Lycanroc TF)
Austin woke up for work like any other normal day, he would have his breakfast, have a shower and then put his uniform on for work. Except, for this morning, it would go slightly differently. The mail, would usually come on Tuesdays, at around 9am, for his area anyway. Well, there was a cardboard box on a table. "I... don't remember getting this, and there is no way for it to get there" said Austin who was, by this point, questioning the parcel and wanting to open it. The box's contents felt slightly weighted but he knew the best idea was to wait until he got back from work, so he placed it back down where he found it and headed outside to his car and drove off.
For most of his day he was distracced just from thinking about it, even some people he asked didn't have a single clue about it. At lunch he noticed someone who he thought could help. So he sat down with his lunch and called him over.
"Hey Austin, what's up?" his colleague Andrew asked, slightly puzzled, while sitting down next
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 19 25
Umbreon and Delphox TF (collab)
Two people were in a forest camping, and just having a great time
"That is good" one of the person, named Derek said
"I agree" the other person, Aaron.
"Well there is a cave nearbly, should we explore it?" Derek said
"Sure" Aaron said, determined
In the cave...
"It's dark here, lucky i got my flashligth" Derek said with his flashligth on
"I agree, hey what is that?" Aaron said lokking at a set of two shiny stones
"Let's pick them up!" Derek said holding one up
"So shiny!" Aaron said
"I fell... ill" Derek said felling ill
"I too... urg!" Aaron said screaming
They did not see but fur was growing all over them
Aaron had black fur crawling over him with yellow rings appearing on his arms.
He felt his back was itchy and so put his hand on it and felt fur.
"What?! I have... fur?!" he exclaimed feeling it.
The black fur was growing in all over his body, he also felt his hands and feet change into paws
"My... hands..." Aaron said as his hands were now cat-like
He felt a tail grow in his back,
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 5 14
Shinx Adopt [READ DESC] (SOLD) :iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 3 13
Just about anything TF RP
I know I did one before but I lost interest in that one but hopefully this one will be better, maybe it was the plot I don't know. With this one you can choose the plot but try to keep it to 2 major characters to make it easier. Nothing too mature, unless I'm fine with it, ask when it comes to it first.
RP name:
RP gender:
TF into (I'll choose what I'll TF into unless you have ideas):
Side effects (Not good with AP):
Any other info:
Please no responses like "..." or just ... because they are HARD to respond to.
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 0 15,820
Mature content
Puddle TF Request :iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 8 14
Please ignore (dA 16th birthday challenge) :iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 0 0
Husky TF
Matt lived on his own, away from any town or city, as it was quieter and was more open, and also for certain reasons. He didn't mind it but just found it hard to bear when it comes to it with being unable to be with living with other people.
You see, a few months ago his pet husky, which he had for a few years, died unexpectedly. About a day later from that, the third week of the month, he noticed that he would unexpectedly begin to get a very bad stomach ache which felt like his insides were completely set on fire. He tried takking medicine thinking it could just be heartburn, but that didn't really help remove the pain.
What worried him more was the fact that shortly after he would notice fur growing over his arm. He even tried tugging it off only to find that it was a part of him. He went to lay on his bed, worrying that something was terribly wrong. The fur had a different fur colour and pattern than his pet husky. He thought it would go but it progressed further when he felt just
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 8 6
Witness TF Program (multi fox TF)
There is a company which serves to protect witnesses. The only difference is how they effective they are and how they do it. Instead of  just new document forging and relocation, they use special methods. One such case was of a family. What they did was hold secret data on the mafia.
Dave was sitting at his basement computer under the safety of a dim light and a baseball bat. Typing away, hacking into the network, getting into the mafia network finding info. He leant back on his office chair rubbing his face with his hands before taking a sip of his hot coffee. "Found anything else yet?" called a familiar voice. It was Lisa, Dave's wife. "Not yet, they changed their security system." Dave called out while he rested his head on his hands staring blankly at the computer screen.
He was typing code that would grant him access to a list of targets that they were going after. He was planning to leak this information to the public to put the mafia in jeopardy. He was an expert hacker, ma
:iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 8 4
Shiny Umbreon :iconmadoneverything:madoneverything 2 4

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Reborn (Growlithe Transformation)
Jayden sighed, it was another day of pure cold weather, with the layers of snow on the ground stacking to the point the pavement outside his house was invisible. To prevent a day of slacking about, he found his favorite brown and blue hoodie, which he didn't hesitate to zip on, and walked out the door. He still felt the coldness in the air, but not as breezy as he thought it would be. Deciding what to do next, he jumped across an old fence, which led into a small, grassy route where the snow was dissolving slightly.
Strangely, the route felt a lot more warmer than around his house. There were a few Pokémon in the forest, but none of them were Fire types. Bored, he sat down on a small wooden bench in the forest, swept his rather messy hair and tried catching a few of the Pokémon around the area, but all of them were too fast, broke out of the Poké Ball in the last second, and his Houndour proved too weak to even lower their health. "Rubbish!" Jayden exclaimed, "How about
:icondaylight-lycanroc:Daylight-Lycanroc 6 2
Rebound [TF] :iconarcticfrigidfrostfox:ArcticFrigidFrostFox 63 5 Chilly Ninetales :iconarcticfrigidfrostfox:ArcticFrigidFrostFox 29 3
The collar - Poochyena tf
"Allright", Aaron looked at his map rustling it around, he had been lost for about an hour now, "Where am I?". He failed to locate his position due to there being a nearby river but being unable to see it as of the thick forest on both sides of him. Also he was unable to know which dirt path he was on. So he decided to rest down next to a nearby tree to decide to get his bearings straight before continuing to find a way out. He had a phone but was unable to get a signal so that was out of the question.
Eventually, after many hours of walking, he came across something very shiny. Curious as to what it would be, he walked over to investigate it. Once he had managed to weave his way through the nettles, holley and loose branches, he managed to find the source of the shiny light. However, he couldn't recognise it straight away as the shine coming from it almost blinded him. As soon as the light became less intense, he managed to have a better look at what it was. It was a collar.
He bent d
:iconcar-lover33:Car-lover33 10 18
Godzilla TF :iconmadpuffball:MadPuffball 78 64
Transformation Holiday Resort
'Protomorpho+' offers great package holiday deals for you and your friends or family. Why not spend a week or two at our exclusive Holimorphair Resort.
The worlds first and only resort of its kind where you can soar through the sky's as a mythical dragon or glide through the waters as a glorious dolphin.
Unhindered by noisy engines and the visually and physically restrictive flight, there's nothing like the freedom of flying under your own weight and wing. Fly and perform freestyle stunts previously unachievable with powered flight.
Without the time limits of cumbersome air tanks or the sluggish speed of regular diving, instead why not choose to explore the depths of the deep blue like no other and propel yourself through the sheer beauty of a new world unforeseen.
Once you have mastered the swimming techniques as a dolphin in our fun, dedicated training pools, you will be free to explore your new self in the resorts 4 square mile salt water lake. And if you can pull yourself away from
:icondonpretzel:DonPretzel 31 33
Boy Into Otter TF
It was a warm October day. the warm air brushed by Jose’s sweater as he approached the front entrance to his home, only stopping to turn around to view the leaves falling off some trees. he sighs softly.
“Halloween is coming soon..sure wish I could get an otter outfit or something..or maybe i’m just asking for too much..”
He steps into his home and closes the door. he takes out his phone and heads onto Facebook to see what’s new. he sees an otter picture of one flopping around in the mud. this made him slightly chuckle. he loved otters more then he did humans, and everytime he would see one, it would just make him smile in pure joy. he decides to save the photo and send it to one of his best friends, Alexander rivera. when he does, he gets a reply from him instantly.
“that’s funny :) hey man, I have a question to ask you.” Says alex, as jose sits down and gets comfortable in a chair.
“Shoot”. Jose replies back.
“Have you
:iconbrentparkforever10:BrentparkForever10 13 2


Abstract art
I feel like having something to draw, so basically you tell me what to draw and I'll draw it, but it has to be abstract i.e. some shapes on a background. You can use it for whatever you want. Since it's abstract related that means no characters or complex designs. I'll keep the price at 20 points for now unless you want me to change it 
Medium story (301-500 words)
Just note me anything you want your tf story to be about: character, setting, tf into, feeling, plot, etc. You may send a ref sheet, best for OCs and fictional creatures as I may not know what they look like. You may discuss this with me via notes.

Feel free to tell me if you want to collab with me on it.
Long story (500+ words)
Just note me anything you want your tf story to be about: character, setting, tf into, feeling, plot, etc. You may send a ref sheet, best for OCs and fictional creatures as I may not know what they look like. You may discuss this with me via notes.

Feel free to tell me if you want to collab with me on it.



Mass public transformation survery (not mine), would be great if you helped out -…
I felt like creating a TF RP where you choose what I TF into and I'm forced to become your pet. You can choose what effects you want (i.e. TG, MC, AP, MG, etc.)
I will try to post as many of my current stuff and future stuff on there, including any mature stuff I want to do. I have had the account for a while,but just decided to upload on it.


madoneverything's Profile Picture
Ain't telling
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I will try to post as many of my current stuff and future stuff on there, including any mature stuff I want to do. I have had the account for a while,but just decided to upload on it.
Please enter :iconzalacambio:'s contest -…. He's looking for enough people to enter, it started on the 6th October and ends January 15th. I'm his only entry so far.
OnLinedPaper is doing an art raffle:…
Since I'm doing two of the same tag I'll do both in one.

Tagged by both AllysonRocco and TheLOLMinecrafter

1.  You have to post ALL the rules! (Post all the rules?)
2.  Each person has to share thirteen things about themselves.  (Safe for confidential information.  I hope.)
3.  Answer thirteen questions addressed to you and invent thirteen questions for the people you tag.
4.  Choose thirteen people (because thirteen is THE lucky number.)
5.  You have to legitimately tag thirteen people.  (What, do you expect people to find homes of their online buddies and literally tag them in some international game of tag?)
6.  You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
7.  Tag-backs are allowed.
8.  You must make a journal about the meme and cannot respond in a comment.
9.  You have to answer the questions.
10.  Be creative with the title.

AllysonRocco's questions:
1.  Do you prefer Western comics (Marvel, DC, et cetera) or Manga?

2.  What's your favorite anime?
Don't watch any

3.  What's your favorite manga?
Don't read any
4.  What's your favorite video game?
Not sure
5.  What's your favorite dream?
Can't remember

6.  What is your favorite type of TF/transformation (ex. latex, goo, suiting, regular TF)?
Regular, as long as I become anthro or feral.

7.  You are confronted with two options.  You can transform via a gooey substance, but you will lose your individuality.  Alternatively, you can put on a suit and transform, but your gender will be switched. Which option do you choose?  (I won't accept "I fled from battle" or "I leave" as a response!)
Costume, seems a better way to TF for me tbh.

8.  Would you be interested in a tag art meme where you have to draw a specific thing in another artist's style?

9.  Do memes (like troll face, John Cena, rickrolling) annoy you?

10.  Do you play any trading card games?

11.  What monster (mythical like a sphinx or fictional like Final Fantasy's Behemoth) would you want to transform into?
Dragon, hydra or kitsune

12.  Which do you prefer: dragons or wyverns?
Never seen a wyvern so dragons.

13.  Are you afraid of the numbers 13 or 4?

:devthelolminecrater:'s questions:
1: What's your favorite hobby?
Anything TF related on dA

2: :la: or :dummy:?

3: 14-foot scarf or celery companion constantly in your pocket?
Nope to the celery and I don't mind scarfs

4: Would you say that these questions are now officially annoying?

5: How was your day before getting tagged?
Alright at least

6: Fantastic, Allons'y, or Geronimo?

7: These questions are getting tedious. Do you agree?
Not really

8: (This is officially getting dumb.) How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

9: Lop-flushered potty?
Er what now?

10: I saw a kangaroo slay a dragon. What did you see on the way here?
A ton of questions.

11: Bow Tie or fez?
Bow tie (Secretly knows what the questions are about)

12: Almost done. Happy?

13: This is the end. You happy?

People I tag:
Eh, do it if you want, too lazy to go through the list of people I watch.
Apparently Free-DAPoint is giving away free points.


madoneverything has started a donation pool!
92 / 20
Just devided to set up a donation pool as I get many llama-point trades, this allows you to send me points without having to get a llama. Also if I traded with you before you can gift points again. I just put 20 as I'm not begging or anything. It's just there if you want it.

Also if you want type 'Vine' in the comment off the donation of you want any of these:
1 :points: = llama
5 :points: = watch
10 :points: per fav
6 :points: = llama + watch
11 :points: = llama + 1 fav
15 :points: = watch + 1 fav
16 :points: = 1 fav + watch + llama
20 :points: = featured
30 :points: = featured + 1 fav
25 :points: = featured + watch
21 :points: = featured + llama
36 :points: = featured + llama + watch + 1 fav
20+ :points: = a combination of these (state what ones): featured + llama + watch + faves (state how many)

You must be logged in to donate.
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